About us — your part­ner for healt­hy growth.

Grow your plants and your busi­ness with arti­fi­ci­al plant light.


Take advan­ta­ge of our tech­ni­cal know­ledge, inno­va­ti­ve LED plant light­ing solu­ti­ons, sus­tainable pro­ject exper­ti­se and our under­stan­ding of pho­to­syn­the­sis. In clo­se coope­ra­ti­on with the inde­pen­dent rese­arch, deve­lo­p­ment and ser­vice insti­tu­te Bet­ter­plants GmbH and our part­ner Lum­itech, we crea­te new light­ing and tech­no­lo­gy plat­forms. Our pro­ject expe­ri­ence enables tail­or-made com­ple­te light­ing sys­tems for pro­fes­sio­nal hor­ti­cul­tu­re use.

Whe­ther in-vitro cul­tures, young plant cultivation, ver­ti­cal far­ming, green­house tech­no­lo­gies, algae pro­duc­tion, gar­den cen­ters or the green walls in the office — we enable the growth of your plants and your company.

Many disci­pli­nes. One team One name — SANSOL.

The Pro­mi­se

In 2021 Dr. Chris­ti­an Hoch­fil­zer and the LED pio­neer LUMITECH Light­ing Solu­ti­on foun­ded SANSOL GmbH. Your pro­mi­se — Deve­lop inno­va­ti­ve LED light­ing solu­ti­ons, design pro­jects holi­sti­cal­ly and imple­ment them efficiently. 

Now more than ever it is time to con­sis­t­ent­ly offer holi­stic growth solu­ti­ons from the heart of Euro­pe. SANSOL con­ducts appli­ed hor­ti­cul­tu­ral rese­arch in con­trol­led cultivation in the Rese­arch Center.

Sus­taina­bi­li­ty with the hig­hest qua­li­ty is our hig­hest goal. In order to main­tain this stan­dard, we deve­lop our products 100% in Aus­tria and have them 100% manu­fac­tu­red in Euro­pe via our part­ner LUMITECH Light­ing Solution.

With rese­arch ahead.

For you.

In order to gua­ran­tee you inno­va­ti­on and pro­gress, we work clo­se­ly with the inde­pen­dent rese­arch, deve­lo­p­ment and ser­vice insti­tu­te Bet­ter­plants GmbH and LUMITECH Light­ing Solu­ti­on. In this way, we enable eco­no­mic­al­ly and eco­lo­gi­cal­ly opti­mi­zed sys­tems and pro­ces­ses for a new gene­ra­ti­on of plant pro­duc­tion faci­li­ties for pro­fes­sio­nal horticulture.

Who we count on.

In order to opti­mi­ze the qua­li­ty of our solu­ti­ons, advan­ce visi­ons and imple­ment inno­va­tions effi­ci­ent­ly and pro­fi­ta­b­ly for you, we work clo­se­ly with part­ners from all over Europe.

Who you can count on.

Get to know the peo­p­le behind our com­ple­te LED solutions.



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