Applications — whe­re plant spe­ci­es dri­ves innovation.

You have the pro­ject. We have the LED grow solution.


In order to gua­ran­tee the opti­mal over­all solu­ti­on, we deal inten­si­ve­ly with the con­di­ti­ons, pro­cu­re­ment and struc­tures of the indi­vi­du­al pro­duct types.

edi­ble plants

We ensu­re a fast tran­si­ti­on from robust young plant to rea­dy-to-sell plant. Whe­ther green­house or indoor farm, with or wit­hout mul­ti­lay­er sys­tem — our total light­ing solu­ti­ons are tail­o­red to your and the plant’s needs.

Deco­ra­ti­ve plants

Qua­li­ty, dura­bi­li­ty, flower as well as leaf colours deter­mi­ne the suc­cess of your busi­ness. Our light­ing solu­ti­ons gua­ran­tee low ener­gy con­sump­ti­on, high ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy and per­fect opti­cal con­trol of light emission.

Medi­cinal plants

Can­na­bis is the best known of the medi­cinal plants. But we are also fami­li­ar with hand­ling other plants that are pro­ces­sed into phy­to­phar­maceu­ti­cals or cos­me­tic products.

Abbildung Simulation Erdbeeren

Algae growth

Intel­li­gent and ener­gy-effi­ci­ent total light­ing solu­ti­ons for healt­hy algae growth. Suc­cess fac­tors for an effi­ci­ent expo­sure solution.

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