Cubra Series



The Cubra Series is a sus­tainable assi­mi­la­ti­on expo­sure sys­tem and gua­ran­tees hig­hest effi­ci­en­cy. It is th ide­al solu­ti­on for redu­cing ener­gy cos­ts in new or exis­ting greenhouses

OWhea­ther in low or high green­hou­ses — an opti­mi­sed light dis­tri­bu­ti­on on the crop gua­ran­tees you the best growth pro­cess and thus high yields of the hig­hest qua­li­ty.
It´s easy instal­la­ti­on and inte­gra­ti­on enables alte­na­tively a low cost retro­fit or replacement.

Tech­ni­cal data at a glance.

  • Wall Plug Effi­ca­cy S5
    2.9 μmol/J (400–700 nm)
    Wall Plug Effi­ca­cy S6
    2.7 μmol/J (400–800 nm)
  • • Effi­ci­en­cy for other spec­tra
    up to 3.7 μmol/J
  • • Power Con­sump­ti­on 440 W/660W
  • • Life­time @Ta = 25°C L90
    50.000 h

Typi­cal applications.

  • • Expo­sure solu­ti­on for indoor sys­tems, indoor farms and green­hou­ses even with big­ger hight
  • As new instal­la­ti­on or refit solution
  • Opti­mal for lar­ge-sca­le pro­duc­tion facilities
  • Easy moun­ting in stan­dard shel­ving systems
  • • Eco­no­mic­al solu­ti­on for lar­ge pro­duc­tion plants

The Cubra Series increases.

  • The qua­li­ty of your harvest
  • The quan­ti­ty of your harvest
  • The usable cultivation area
  • The pro­duc­ti­vi­ty of your company

The Cubra Series reduces.

  • Your run­ning cos­ts for ener­gy and maintenance
  • The tem­pe­ra­tu­re in the cultivation room
  • Your risk
  • The water con­sump­ti­on of your plants
  • The use of che­mi­cals (upset­ting agents, pesti­ci­des, fungicides)