EVO Series


We have incor­po­ra­ted our 20 years of appli­ca­ti­on expe­ri­ence into the EVO Series. The optics are desi­gned so that the lumi­n­aire can opti­mal­ly illu­mi­na­te a lar­ge cultivation area at high room heights. Howe­ver, the EVO series also plays out this strength in indoor plants with low con­s­truc­tion heights and high light­ing requi­re­ments. The broad­band light spec­trum not only pro­mo­tes the pho­to­syn­the­sis rate, but also actively regu­la­tes the hor­mo­ne balan­ce of the plant.

Hig­hest effi­ci­en­cy, per­fect light con­trol, pas­si­ve coo­ling and IP pro­tec­tion class result in a powerful packa­ge. The inte­gra­ted con­trol gear and cont­ac­ting with relia­ble indus­tri­al con­nec­tors gua­ran­tee easy instal­la­ti­on in your indoor farm or greenhouse.

Tech­ni­cal Data at a glance

  • Effi­ci­en­cy of 2.74mmol/J

  • Broad­band, con­ti­nuous light spec­trum tun­ed to flowe­ring and fear-forming plants

  • Power con­sump­ti­on up to 320W

  • Com­pact design with opti­mi­zed optics and pas­si­ve cooling

  • 90% light out­put after 90,000h

Typi­cal applications.

  • Expo­sure of light-inten­se plants indoors

  • Cultivation of orna­men­tal and useful plants

  • Ful­ly envi­ron­men­tal­ly fri­end­ly repla­ce­ment of sodium vapor lumi­n­aires in the greenhouse

  • Herb cultivation

  • Toma­toes and cucumbers

EVO Series increases.

  • The qua­li­ty of your harvest

  • The quan­ti­ty of your harvest

  • The robust­ness of your plants against pest infestation

  • The usable cultivation area

  • The pro­duc­ti­vi­ty of your company

EVO Series reduces.

  • Your run­ning cos­ts for ener­gy and maintenance

  • The tem­pe­ra­tu­re in the cultivation room

  • Ihr Risi­ko

  • The water con­sump­ti­on of your plants

  • The time peri­od for roo­ting clones

  • The use of che­mi­cals (upset­ting agents, pesti­ci­des, fungicides)