Whe­ther in cold Nor­t­hern Euro­pe, the hot Midd­le East, dry North Afri­ca or the tro­pics — the hydro­po­nic spe­cia­list gua­ran­tees that straw­ber­ries can be grown suc­cessful­ly all year round in the­se regi­ons Gabri­el de Fran­co with his expe­ri­ence, his exper­ti­se and the clo­se coope­ra­ti­on with SANSOL. Its inno­va­ti­ve over­all solu­ti­ons for indoor farms are the basis for sta­ble year-round pro­duc­tion in con­trol­led cultivation in an indoor faci­li­ty using effi­ci­ent LED light­ing. A pio­nee­ring work, as the cultivation of straw­ber­ries wit­hout day­light is not yet established.