When spe­cia­lists join forces and exploit pro­ject-spe­ci­fic syn­er­gies, some­thing new usual­ly emer­ges. Tog­e­ther with micro algae sys­tems spe­cia­list Varicon Aqua Solu­ti­ons Ltd., SANSOL has rea­li­zed a cus­to­mi­zed plant with an inno­va­ti­ve illu­mi­na­ti­on sys­tem for an effi­ci­ent algae pro­duc­tion. The pro­ject bene­fi­ted from SANSOL’s many years of light­ing expe­ri­ence in the field of algae pro­duc­tion and its spe­ci­fi­cal­ly deve­lo­ped light­ing solutions.